dilluns, 3 de juny de 2013

Microrelats de l'alumnat 3

A terrible life by Vicente Santo Tomás

"Hello, I'm a banana, and my name is Luana. I grew two weeks ago in the Canary Islands. My father has planted me (like a tree) in a large field. I was the most beautiful and big banana, and when the first costumer entered my father's shop, he bought me, and now I'm in a fridge.
Few minutes ago, I have listened to a person, and he has said:
-''Today I'll eat some fruit''.
-''Oh! I'm frightened. Today I will die. I don't want to die, because I'm young.-I said. When the lunchtime arrives, a boy opens he fridge. I'm very very scared. He wants to eat a banana or an apple! His hand is around me.
-Please! Choose the apple''.-I think.
Finally, he decides to eat an apple.
-''I'm alive, but I want to leave this fridge.''

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