dilluns, 3 de juny de 2013

Microrelats de l'alumnat 4

I died this day by Estefania Navarro

"On Monday at seven o'clock: I woke up I woke up my children. When they were eating breakfast, I was washing the dishes. Then I carried them to the school. In the Way to the supermarket, I felt someone following me but when I turned around there was nobody. I continued walking but I was feeling someone. At the supermarket I bought some vegetables, a lot of candies and other things. When I left the supermarket, I felt someone behind me again. This time I didn't turn around. I hurried get to my house. I opened the door very quickly. I thought, "It's my imagination". I relaxed. I started to cut the vegetables and I felt someone behind me. I left the knife on the table. I went to take the phone. When I returned to the kitchen the knife wasn't on the table.
“I died this day."
“I died this day."

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